2015 Results: Below is a summary of our results in 2015

Mobile Marketer | December 2, 2015

How political ad campaigns should be positioned

If the 2008 presidential race was the first social media election, 2016 will be our first mobile election. Smartphones have become the screen of choice for a majority of American adults -- a trend that is only gaining momentum. Read More

Alley Watch | November 12, 2015

Why You Probably Suck at Interviewing

Most of us think of interviewing as an art -- and we think we've perfected our technique. Managers who've been hiring people for years think that we have improved our decision-making with time and experience. We're confident that we make solid judgements about experience, intelligence, and values. Read More

Adweek Blog Network | November 6, 2015

Debunking 3 Big Myths You Probably Believed About Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising has confounded marketers because it represents a paradigm shift in the way consumers behave. The Internet used to start with a URL typed into a web browser; now it starts with a finger touching an app icon on a phone's home screen. Read More

Digital Hollywood Fall Speaking Engagement | October 19, 2015

Viral and Social Media Experiences in Entertainment, Media and Advertising: Creativity & Monetization Challenges

Jun Group Director of Publisher Strategy John Ilacqua speaks at Digital Hollywood Fall. Read More

Mobile Marketer | October 16, 2015

Unilever's Dove and Axe brands target Refinery29's audience on Snapchat

Unilever was quick to partner with publishing brand Refinery29 for its recent Snapchat Discovery channel launch, tapping into the publisher's audience to target millennials for the TreSemme, Dove and Axe brands. Read More

Mobile Marketer | October 12, 2015

Can Snapchat keep users happy as in-app marketing proliferates?

Snapchat hopes to make a significant uptick in marketing palatable to users with an opt-in approach, but its biggest challenge is helping marketers measure the return on their investments. Read More

New York Media Festival: Video Speaking Engagement | October 9, 2015

Lightning Talk

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut speaks: Not All Screens Are Created Equal. Read More

AdExchanger | August 18, 2015

Jun Group Aligns Mobile Video Ads With Premium Publisher Content

When Jun Group was founded in 2005, its bread and butter was serving desktop video ads and ads in social and mobile games, rewarding players with virtual currency when they opted in. Read More

AlleyWatch | August 14, 2015

This Brand Safe NYC Startup Just Raised $28M

In today's connected world mobile advertising is the way to get big. Don't call up another sleazy dishonest firm, you are going to want to use Jun Group who prides itself on its ethical nature. Read More

Adweek | August 11, 2015

How Facebook's Autoplay Videos Are Influencing Other Areas of Digital

Getting aurally blasted with an autoplay video ad while you're consuming content online is widely agreed upon as one of the more annoying experiences you can have on the Internet. It's like a run-of-the-mill display ad that suddenly comes to life and pierces your ears. Read More

Mobile Marketer | August 7, 2015

Mobile marketers consider vertical video and its challenges

Videos in a vertical aspect ratio are becoming a common sight on mobile due to new social platforms in this format such as Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook, and marketers should learn to adapt to the upright content within their omnichannel approach without leaving the traditional approach behind. Read More

VentureBeat Webinars Speaking Engagement | August 5, 2015

Brands & mobile advertising: How to win

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut, speaks alongside John Koetsier, VP Reseach at VentureBeat and Anne-Marie Kline, SVP of Marketing at Living Proof. Listen

Wall Street Journal CMO Today | July 30, 2015

Mobile Video Ad Firm Jun Group Raises $28 Million in New Funding

Advertising technology has seemingly fallen out of favor among venture-capital investors as well as many new digital publishers. But ad-tech businesses uniquely focused on mobile and video will likely garner plenty of interest, thanks to the huge growth in these two ad formats. Read More

TechCrunch | July 30, 2015

Video Ad Company Jun Group Raises $28M In Its First Venture Round

Jun Group was founded back in 2005, but according to founder and CEO Mitchell Reichgut, the video ad company has never accepted any venture funding -- until now. Read More

New York Business Journal | July 30, 2015

Jun Group snags $28M in new funding for video ads

Video ad company Jun Group's recent venture round is a first. Read More

Jun Group Press Release | July 30, 2015

Jun Group Announces $28 Million Investment From Halyard Capital and Bridge Bank

NEW YORK - July 30, 2015 - Jun Group, the leading mobile video and branded content advertising platform, today announced a $28 million investment from Halyard Capital and Bridge Bank. The relationship, which represents Jun Group's first institutional partnership, will allow the company to accelerate a number of growth initiatives. Read More

Bloomberg West | July 29, 2015

Should Investors Focus on Facebook's Active Users?

Techonomy Founder David Kirkpatrick, Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut and Sprinklr General Manager Simon Mansell examine Facebook user growth and advertising revenue. They speak with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on Bloomberg West. Watch

Mobile Leaders Alliance | July 29, 2015

HyprMX Launches HyprMediate - Simplifies Video Mediation for App Developers

There are three main ways to earn revenue if you're an app developer: charge directly for downloading your app; in-app purchases (often favored by game developers); and finally, in-app advertising. There are a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to monetizing your application. But for those developers interested in consistent monetization, in-app advertising is a solid option. Read More

iMediaConnection | July 22, 2015

In praise of the algorithm apocalypse

This spring, brands and publishers were hit with the one-two punch of algorithm changes at Google and Facebook. Even the most powerful players in the digital world have been caught by the rapid evolution of consumer behavior on the internet. While they often take advantage of their positions, this time Google and Facebook moved to create better user experiences. And at a time when consumption shifts so fast, these are the changes brands and audiences need to keep up with consumers. Read More

Mobile Marketer | July 22, 2015

Can YouTube's success survive coming deluge of mobile video content?

Google recently claimed that YouTube has become bigger than any U.S. cable network, with mobile viewing sessions increasing 50 percent year-over-year, making the mobile video space difficult for other mobile streaming platforms but not impossible. Read More

PocketGamer.biz | July 10, 2015

HyprMX launches its simple video incent ad management system HyprMediate

Brand video advertising outfit HyprMX has announced what it calls the 'easiest way to manage rewarded video ads. Read More

Mobile Advertising Watch |July 10, 2015

New HyprMX Solution Aims to Show That Mediation Should be 'Simple and Powerful'

Mobile app developers may now have access to a simple solution for managing video ad revenue. Read More

BizReport | July 9, 2015

Video Roundup: Platforms to ease video creation, mediation

And, HyprMx has launched HyprMediate, a platform set up to maximize revenue while managing video ad network rewards. The platform uses simple drag and drop 'waterfalls' to manage networks and uses performance metrics for advertiser feedback. Read More

Adotas | July 9, 2015

HyprMX Simplifies Video Mediation

For the first time, mobile app developers have a simple solution for managing video ad revenue. HyprMX has introduced HyprMediate – the easiest way to manage rewarded video ad networks and maximize revenue. Read More

HyprMX Press Release | July 9, 2015

HyprMX Simplifies Video Mediation

NEW YORK, NY - July 9, 2015 - For the first time, mobile app developers have a simple solution for managing video ad revenue. HyprMX, the leader in brand video, has introduced HyprMediate – the easiest way to manage rewarded video ad networks and maximize revenue. Read More

Mobile Marketer | July 2, 2015

Brands must move budgets to the world's most influential mass medium

Mobile is no longer the future of digital advertising -- it is the here and now. According to eMarketer, mobile advertising spending will surpass the $100 billion mark in 2016, an increase of 430 percent from 2013. Read More

Investor's Business Daily | June 24, 2015

Ad 'Viewability' Standards Elusive As Digital Grows

Yahoo this month became the latest purveyor of online advertising to tackle an issue rocking the digital advertising world -- how advertisers can best verify that people, not robots, are viewing their ads. Read More

Digital Video: IAB Marketplace Speaking Engagement | June 8, 2015

Finding Your Audience in the New Video Distribution Landscape

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut speaks alongside client, Cinelan Co-founder and Managing Director Douglas Diconnson. Read More

socalTECH.com | June 5, 2015

Jun Group Expands In Orange County, Los Angeles

New york-based mobile ad platform developer Jun Group is expanding in both Orange County and Los Angeles, saying it is looking to tap into a hotbed of engineering talent in Orange County. Read More

Hone Press Release | June 4, 2015

Hone's Quizzes, Surveys and Polls Click With Clients and Consumers

LOS ANGELES, CA - Jun 4, 2015 - Hone, a native content-driven customer insights platform, today announced the milestone of surpassing, for the first time, 2 million engagements in a month (May 2015). Read More

Jun Group Press Release | June 4, 2015

Jun Group Expands West Coast Presence

LAGUNA BEACH, CA and LOS ANGELES, CA - Jun 4, 2015 - New York-based mobile ad platform Jun Group continues its expansion by opening an office in Orange County and by adding sales talent in Los Angeles. Read More

Mobile Marketer | May 22, 2015

We The Economy taps into mobile's potential for massive reach

Vulcan Productions' partnership with short-film producer and distributor Cinelan unlocked the potential of mobile with its We The Economy film series, which reached millions of viewers through a mobile-first strategy, including an application where the films are viewable in their entirety. Read More

Benzinga | May 14, 2015

Facebook's Link Search Could Lower Google's Traffic

Facebook officially launched Instant Articles this week, allowing publishers to create interactive articles for the social network. The company is also testing a search function that allows users to find and share links without using a secondary platform, such as Google Inc. Read More

Benzinga | May 14, 2015

Why Facebook's Instant Articles Should 'Concern' Publishers

Facebook hopes to become a media powerhouse with a new feature called Instant Articles. Read More

VentureBeat | May 11, 2015

Facebook's new 'Instant Articles' program poses dilemma for publishers

Jun Group COO Corey Weiner examines the initiative in a Guest Post at VentureBeat. Read More

Zonzia Press Release | May 11, 2015

Zonzia Media Appoints Naresh Malik as CEO

LOS ANGELES, CA - May 11, 2015 - Zonzia Media, Inc. (OTC PINK: ZONX), a new over-the-top (OTT) streaming media company, today announced the appointment of Naresh Malik as CEO, effective immediately. Malik will be responsible for the strategic growth and direction of the company. Read More

Digital Hollywood Spring Speaking Engagement | April 28, 2015

Silicon Beach Strategies: Accelerate, Incubate, Crowdfunding, Start-ups & Angels

Hone CEO Andrew Heckler speaks at Digital Hollywood Spring. Read More

Bloomberg West | April 23, 2015

Why Chevy, McDonald's Are Spending Money on Facebook

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut discusses mobile advertising and Facebook's expanding user base. Watch

VideoNuze | April 22, 2015

It Takes More than Viewability Standards to Get Views

Video viewability is broken - but not for the reasons you think. The way the industry measures viewability does not reflect actual human behavior, and it fails to meet advertisers' real need, which is making sure people actually see their ads. While ad-tech and viewability vendors, publishers, and agencies negotiate what should be considered 'viewable' (pixels and time spent on-screen, etc.), actual people are moving on to mobile devices. Read More

AdExchanger | April 16, 2015

Refinery29 Makes Quiz Play To Drive Engagement

Quizzes perform. They've set traffic records at publications like Slate and The New York Times and given rise to platforms like Playbuzz and sites like Zimbio. That's why Refinery29 was eager to partner with quiz platform Hone to create quizzes that have the look and feel of Refinery29 articles along with the incredible engagement that comes with quizzes. Read More

built in los angeles | April 14, 2015

LA-based Hone launches to capitalize on how much you secretly love Buzzfeed quizzes

Hone, an online-marketing startup that equips company websites with a suite of 'shareable' content, is launched this week. Read More

Upstart Business Journal | April 9, 2015

L.A. startup helps brands Hone viral content

Hone launches this week with tools to produce branded interactive quizzes, surveys and polls that are shareable and monetizable. Read More

GeoMarketing | April 9, 2015

Live, From In-Store: Ad Industry Deliberates The Value Of Meerkat, Periscope

It's still too early to tell whether Meerkat and Periscope will take off as platforms for any brand -- let alone for brick-and-mortar retailers keen on driving in-store activity. But that doesn't mean that retailers shouldn't be keeping informed on the respective technologies and even becoming curious about potential campaigns to run on them. But at this point, what's most important for marketers is to recognize what these platforms are and weigh the considerable risks they hold in their current incarnations. Read More

Adotas | April 9, 2015

Take The Quiz: Do You Know How To Create Addictive And Engaging Digital Content & Ads?

Creating addictive and engaging, original, digital content is challenging. Hone, a content marketing and native advertising technology company, now provides content creators, publishers and brands the tools to produce interactive visual quizzes, surveys and polls that have social value, while creating a premium monetization channel. Read More

BizReport | April 9, 2015

Ad Roundbup: Event and content management

Finally Hone has been launched; the new platform offers an assist to brands, publishers and content creators in producing and monetizing their content. Read More

L.A. Biz | April 8, 2015

L.A. startup helps brand Hone viral content

Buzzfeed has it down, man. In addition to its news and entertainment coverage, the media site regularly publishes quizzes that evaluate our expertise ("How well do you know the 'Lord of the Rings' books?"), preferences ("Is Ben Affleck or Matt Damon your soulmate?") and personalities ("How Bluth are you?") that wallpaper our Facebook newsfeeds. Read More

Hone Press Release | April 8, 2015

Solving the Problem of Creating Addictive and Engaging Digital Content, Hone Launches Platform for Content Marketers, Publishers and Brands

LOS ANGELES - April 8, 2015 - Creating addictive and engaging, original, digital content is challenging. Hone, a content marketing and native advertising technology company, is launching today to meet that challenge. Read More

iMediaConnection | April 8, 2015

The Digital Dispatch

Hone's launch included. Read More

EContent | April 7, 2015

Hone Launches Platform for Content Marketers, Publishers and Brands

Creating addictive and engaging, original, digital content is challenging. Hone, a content marketing and native advertising technology company, launched with the aim of meeting that challenge. Read More

Cynopsis Media | April 7, 2015

Advertising + Ad Platforms

New content marketing and native advertising tech platform Hone launches tomorrow with technology that aims to increase digital engagement by simplifying the creation of visual quizzes, surveys and polls by publishers and brands. Read More

Jun Group Press Release | April 1, 2015

Jun Group Continues Leadership Expansion

NEW YORK - Apr 1, 2015 - Jun Group (www.jungroup.com) today announced the hire of two senior sales executives -- Ted Marron and Chris Ramirez -- and the promotion of two other leaders -- John Ilacqua and Sarah Wuennemann. Jun Group has more than doubled in size in the last year, and currently has more than 50 employees across the country. Read More

MediaPost | March 27, 2015

Native content not always buzzing. What about feedback?

Speaking at the MediaPost Content Marketing Insider Summit, Andrew Susman, president of Studio One Networks, asked whether native content can be transactional. Read More

MediaPost Content Marketing Insider Summit Speaking Engagement | March 27, 2015

Panel: Native 2.0: The Native Guide for the Critical Eye

Filling in for CEO Andrew Heckler, Hone Chief Revenue Officer Dave Lavine speaks about Native 2.0 and if Native 1.0 was about recognizing paid media as a new content distribution platform, then 2.0 should have all the hallmarks of a maturing marketing channel. Watch

Adotas | March 26, 2015

Warning: The Danger Of Treating Online Content Like Offline

As we look around the web, we find that most digital media and content companies are treating the online experience in the exact same fashion as they have done offline. Read More

Seattle24x7.com | March 20, 2015

Interstellar Mapping? Velosys Plotting Land Map Management

The technology consulting firm known as Velosys has launched Land Map Solutions (abbreviated LMS), a land management mapping service that elevates high-value, large parcel properties to new heights. Read More

MMA New York Forum Speaking Engagement | March 18, 2015

Cinelan Leverages Mobile to Connect with New Audiences

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut presents alongside Cinelan's Douglas Dicconson at the MMA New York Forum. Read More

Adotas | March 13, 2015

Cross-Device Video Ads Take Center Stage

The number of advertisers requiring that campaigns run across all digital screens - including mobile phone, tablet, and desktop - is up 270%, according to new research from Jun Group. Read More

Jun Group Press Release | March 12, 2015

Video Advertisers' Favorite Screen is Cross-Screen

NEW YORK -- March 12, 2015 -- The number of advertisers requiring that campaigns across all digital screens -- inlcuding mobile phone, tablet and desktop -- is up 270 percent, according to new research from Jun Group. Read More

VentureBeat | March 11, 2015

Why Apple Watch won't be the next big screen for advertisers

Will the Apple Watch be the next frontier for ads and monetization? Advertisers, agencies, and developers are still wondering after Monday's launch event in San Francisco. JP Morgan predicts Apple will sell 26 million units in 2015, making it almost as big as the entire Swiss watch industry, and the number one watchmaker in terms of market share. Read More

Mobile Media Xchange | March 11, 2015

New Research Shows Brands Want Cross-Device Campaigns, Not Just Mobile

Mobile advertising has blown up quickly the last few years and despite all the hype, mobile is not the only platform brands are focused on. The video ad company Jun Group took on the boring task of looking at over 300 request for proposals from the past 3 years from media agencies, brands and entertainment companies. Within all of those RFPs, they did find some attention-grabbing data that shows the number of advertisers wanting their campaigns be cross-device campaigns (phones, tablets and desktop) has gone up 270% since 2012. Read More

BizReport | March 11, 2015

More brands looking at cross screen opps

Social media cues are falling off and cross screen opportunities are becoming more mainstream. Those are key takeaways from new data out with Jun Group. Read More

SmartBlogs from SmartBrief | March 10, 2015

MMA Forum New York speaker preview

Mobile marketers from around the world will gather in New York next week at MMA Forum to discuss the latest in multi-channel engagement and connections with consumers that go beyond the point of sale. We caught with two of the speakers (including Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut) at this year's event to get a sneak peek of what they plan to share. Read More

Q13 FOX-TV | March 5, 2015

Seattle foundation shows people with disabilities there 'are no limits'

We may be lacking snow, but that's not stopping some with disabilities. They're being taught how to ski and snowboard by a Seattle foundation called Outdoors for All. Read & Watch More

Mission Bit Press Release | March 5, 2015

Mission Bit Hires Stevon Cook as CEO

Mission Bit, a San Francisco-based 501c3 non-profit empowering and inspiring youth with computer programming education and professional experiences, today named Stevon Cook as CEO. Read More

Media Summit Speaking Engagement | March 5, 2015

Viral Experiences & Social Media in Entertainment, Media and Advertising

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut speaks about the creativity and montization challenges at Media Summit in New York. Read More

Benzinga | March 2, 2015

Will Fashion Be Enough To Sell The Apple Watch?

Apple surprised many on the Street when it recently chose Vogue, a fashion magazine, as the place to start its ad campaign for the Apple Watch. Jun Group CEO, Mitchell Reichgut, was on Bloomberg Friday to discuss if 'fashion' would be all it will take to sell the watch. Read More

Bloomberg West | February 27, 2015

Apple Watch Is Biggest Release Since iPad: Reichgut

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut and Bloomberg's Tim Higgins discuss the Apple watch with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson on Bloomberg West. Watch

BizReport | February 20, 2015

Mobile trends to watch in 2015

According to many experts mobile is set to give an extra push not just to retail but across the board. From advertising opportunities to commerce solutions and additional ways for brands to connect with their consumers. One expert lays out what brands should watch for in mobile this year. Read More

Kitsap Sun | February 19, 2015

Poulsbo firm creates real estate mapping app

Poulsbo tech company Velosys has launched a mapping service for land brokers marketing, large, high-value properties. Read More

Velosys Press Release | February 18, 2015

Velosys Launches Land Map Solutions for Brokers to Improve the Way High-Value, Large Parcel Land Is Marketed

POULSBO, WA - Feb 18, 2015 - Creating maps and managing multiple listings can be a challenging job for land brokers. Velosys, a technology consulting firm, today launched Land Map Solutions (LMS), a land management mapping service that elevates high-value, large parcel properties to new heights. Read More

Advertising Age | February 3, 2015

The Real Victims of Ad Fraud Might Surprise You

Advertisers have been making a lot of noise about viewability and fraud lately. And with good reason -- according to sources like comScore and Google, half of online advertising dollars go to waste due to bots, click fraud and out-of-sight placements. While the costs to advertisers might be obvious, fraud has severe negative consequences for publishers as well. Read More

Huffington Post | January 15, 2015

IndieFlix: A Movement to Change the World One Indie Movie at a Time

Imagine this scenario: You recently got divorced, are now a single mother, your father has passed away and you are running a startup. You have exactly six weeks of funding left when your business partner has a heart to heart conversation where he politely bows out of the business. No, this isn't the plot for an upcoming movie. This is the exact reality that Scilla Andreen faced when she launched IndieFlix. Read More

PocketGamer Connects London Speaking Engagement | January 13, 2015

Leveraging Tech and Brands for Monetization

HyprMX's Dan Laughlin speaks at PocketGamer Connects London. Read More

VentureBeat | January 7, 2015

Why mobile advertising is much smaller than you think

Guest Post by Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut. Read More

Marketing Land | January 6, 2015

Live Blog: The CES Panel On Native Advertising

Live from the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas it's ... a panel on native advertising? That's right, because CES isn't just for gadgets, anymore. The show's content related to marketing has grown substantially this year, including today's panel on native advertising. Read More

Digital Hollywood at 2015 International CES Speaking Engagement | January 6, 2015

Native Advertising: Digital Advertising Industry Innovates

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut speaks at Digital Hollywood at the 2015 International CES. Read More

2014 Results: Below is a summary of our results in 2014.

Mobile App Chat | December 29, 2014

How to get higher eCPMs with brand videos with Dan Laughlin

Are you looking for ad formats that yield higher earnings? Well today's guest is from HyperMX, the company that brings Fortune 500 video advertising to us developers. Also, listen to his strategy on how he's able to land partnerships with some of the biggest publishers in the world including Zynga, Social Point, Wooga and much more. Read More & Listen

MediaPost | December 10, 2014

Facebook Brings Twitter-Like Features To 'Trending'

Facebook this week is bringing 'Trending' to mobile, and adding some very Twitter-like features to the still-new service. Read More

Crain's New York Business | December 5, 2014

Best Places to Work 2014

54. Jun Group Read More

Q13 FOX News | December 2, 2014

Join the Seahawks Women' Association in supporting 'Mary's Place' for homeless families

Imagine being left homeless, and having nowhere to go. Now imagine that when you DO find a shelter that could possibly take you in, they insist they need to separate you and your 13 year old daughter to do it. Read & Watch More

AdExchanger | November 19, 2014

iAd Starts Selling Programmatic

Apple's iAd inventory will be available programmatically through open exchanges. Read More

Bloomberg TV | November 18, 2014

Snapchat Teams Up With Square for Money-Transfer Feature

Snapchat is teaming up with payments company Square so that users can send cash to each other. Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut and Shape Security Director of Product Security Michael Coates speak on Bloomberg West. Watch

KING 5 TV | November 15, 2014

Two very different causes seek $250,000 through crowdfunding

Over the next few weeks, the power of crowdfunding will be put to the test in Seattle. Mary's Place, which helps homeless woman and children, is raising money to build a new shelter. Some worry that effort will be overshadowed by a very different cause. Watch & Read More

MYNorthwest.com | November 13, 2014

500 women, children are cold and homeless in Seattle, but you can help

It's already starting to get cold in Seattle. That icy chill that has you running from your car into your home each night. But what if you had nowhere to warm up? The reality is, more than 500 families sleep outside in Seattle every night, many of them women and children. Read More

Allvoices | November 5, 2014

Building an emotional connection through storytelling still reigns supreme

Perhaps it was by design that the 'Brands and Master Storytellers' session during Day 1 of ad:tech New York was held in the Hollywood room. The focus, of course, was on building an emotional connection through the very powerful medium of video and film. Read More

ad:tech New York Speaking Engagement | November 5, 2014

Brands and Master Storytellers

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut speaks at ad:tech New York alongside client, Douglas Discconson, co-founder & managing partner of Cinelan. Read More

VentureBeat | October 22, 2014

MediaSpike weaves movie ads as product placements into the PicCollage photo app

MediaSpike has figured out a way to embed branded ads inside apps, much like product placements in movies. It started by injecting ads for Pepsi onto the walls of social games on Facebook, and now it is announcing that it has been able to place movie ads inside popular mobile app PicCollage. Read More

Mobile Marketer | October 22, 2014

Universal promotes thriller Ouija with photo competition on PicCollaage

Universal Pictures is integrating its upcoming thriller Ouija with mobile application PicCollage to engage users in a photo-collage competition while driving awareness for the film. Read More

MediaSpike Press Release | October 22, 2014

Universal Pictures' Ouija Brings Halloween Spirit to Popular Mobile App PicCollage

LOS ANGELES, CA and MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Oct 22, 2014 - Just in time for Halloween, Universal Pictures' Ouija is bringing some spooky fun to the popular mobile app PicCollage to promote the upcoming supernatural thriller, it was announced today. MediaSpike, a native brand mobile advertising company, has partnered with PicCollage to bring Ouija into the app's core user experience, the making and sharing of photo collages. Read More

Tech YaYa | October 21, 2014

The Woman Behind IndieFlix Turns Bullied Past Into Successful Startup

Scilla Anderdeen overcame being a severely bullied Asian kid, then eventually having to balance single-motherhood and a career before co-founding the Netflix of independent films. Read More

Digital Hollywood Fall Speaking Engagement | October 20, 2014

Native Advertising: Digital Advertising Industry Gets Serious About Better Advertising

Jun Group's CEO Mitchell Reichgut speaks at Digital Hollywood Fall on native advertising. Watch & Read More

HuffPost Live | October 17, 2014

How Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things

IndieFlix's CEO Scilla Andreen shares the documentary: The Empowerment Project. Watch & Read More

MIMA Summit Speaking Engagement | October 15, 2014

Brands "Liking" Owned Content Over Social Media

Jun Group's CEO Mitchell Reichgut speaks at the 2014 MIMA (Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association) Summit on how to decode the trends and the hype and actionable strategies that brands are using to drive results that matter. Read More

Inman News | October 7, 2014

New broker platform merges CRM, intranet, email marketing

Windermere Solutions is changing its name to Moxi Works and launching a new software offering that merges a customer relationship management platform, email marketing, listing presentation tool, intranet and agent websites into one broker platform. Read More

GeekWire | October 7, 2014

Windermere Solutions rebrands to Moxi Works, launches new real estate software

Windermere Solutions is rebranding itself -- again. The real estate firm, a tech-focused spinoff of Seattle-based Windermere Real Estate, today rebranded to Moxi Works. Read More

Moxi Works Press Release | October 7, 2014

Moxi Works Unveils Proven Productivity System for Real Estate Brokerages and Agents

SEATTLE - Oct 7, 2014 - Powering one of the largest, most successful independent brokerages -- Windermere Real Estate -- Moxi Works today unveiled its real estate sales productivity system for brokerages. The Moxi Works system integrates an entire brokerage, making agents more productive. Read More

Bloomberg West | October 3, 2014

Is Snapchat Really Worth $10 Billion?

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut and Bloomberg Sarah Frier comment on the reports that Yahoo is close to investing in Snapchat in a funding round that values the startup at $10 billion. Watch

Puget Sound Business Journal | October 3, 2014

Windermere spinoff unveils all-in-one software system for agents

Residential real estate has long beaten out the commercial side in the race to adopt web and mobile tools, as exemplified by the growth of Seattle-based Redfin and Zillow. Subscription Required

Techweek Speaking Engagement | October 3, 2014

Suffering Successfully: Dynamic Languages at High Scale

Jun Group's CTO David Wood speaks at Techweek New York on how his company successfully dealt with adoption by an increasing percentages of the social and mobile world. Read More

Adweek | October 2, 2014

Mobile Vs. Desktop: See Which Medium Wins in 5 Key Comparisons

Mobile's come a long way in recent years as an advertising and marketing category. But what competitive edges does mobile offer as we head into the fourth quarter of 2014? Read More

Crain's New York Business | October 1, 2014

Crain's names Best Places to Work

Jun Group wins prestigious award! Read More

KING 5's New Day Northwest | September 29, 2014

New documentary celebrates & empowers women

Five women teamed up for a cross-country road trip on a mission to empower and inspire women and girls to reach for their dreams, with help and advice from some of the country's most accomplished and renowned female leaders in a number of fields. The result is the documentary: "Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things," which asks people to think about what they would do if they knew they weren't afraid to fail. The film is produced through IndieFlix's The Empowerment Project, and being shown in several cities, starting with Seattle. Watch and Read More

Puget Sound Business Journal | September 29, 2014

Empowering women – powerful new IndieFlix film debuts in Seattle tonight, in partnership with Nordstrom

Nordstrom and IndieFlix have joined together to present a film to empower and inspire women everywhere to live their dreams. Read More

CNBC | September 23, 2014

Facebook to launch new ad tools as brands look elsewhere

Social video company Jun Group said the share of clicks to brands' sites grew to 57 percent from 28 percent. But clicks driving consumers to Facebook declined to 10 percent in 2013, from 31 percent in 2012. In the first half 2014, the percentage of clicks to brand sites held steady, a sign that the trend is holding. Read More

IndieFlix Press Release | September 23, 2014

IndieFlix and Nordstrom Present "The Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things"

IndieFlix, a leading independent movie streaming service, is teaming up with Nordstrom to present "The Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women, Doing Extraordinary Things" to host four screenings in select cities around the U.S." Read More

Adweek | September 22, 2014

Brand Publishers Are Ditching Facebook in Favor of Microsites

Brand publishers are more aware that they're really just renting social media space on Facebook and are moving resources away from the social network. Read More

MediaPost | September 17, 2014

Facebook Rolls Out Facebook Media, Service Manages Communication Strategies

Despite continued declines in organic reach rates, Facebook has never been a better place for brands, publishers and public figures to engage their audiences. Read More

Productivityist | September 1, 2014

A Look at Explora: A Mobile Phone Option for US-Bound Travelers

Every time I go to the US, I face the unenviable task of worrying about how I want to deal with my Canadian cellphone. Do I want to pony up the cash needed to deal with data worry-free during my trip? Do I want to finally settle on getting a phone for US travel only? Do I want to risk it and see how much I wind up spending with as little use as possible? Frankly, I'm tired of dealing with all of that. Read More

PocketGamer.biz | August 28, 2014

Brand video ad network HyprMX questions, Why are youadvertising your rivals' games?

Over the past 12 months, video ads have been a key driver of value and user acquisition in the mobile games space. Read More

The Makegood | August 25, 2014

Jun Group Finds that Advertisers Have Shifted Digital Goals

Jun Group has recently released data showing that brand advertisers have shifted their digital goals from Facebook and YouTube to promote their owned online destinations. Read More

MediaPost Social Media Insider Summit Speaking Engagement | August 23, 2014

Panel: What's More Important? Going Viral or Tapping Influencers

Jun Group Principal Bill Common speaks at MediaPost's Social Media Insider Summit. Watch

The Makegood | August 21, 2014

Mobile Gamers Give Ads During Gameplay a Thumbs Down

The Makegood recently spoke with John McCrea, CMO at MediaSpike, about a study done on the reaction mobile gamers have to ads during gameplay. Read More

Versium Press Release | August 11, 2014

Versium Partners With Scribe Software Making Its LifeData & Predictive Analytics Scoring Services Available to More Than 1,200 Partners

REDMOND, WA - Aug 11, 2014 - Versium, a data technology company that operates a LifeData predictive analytics scoring service, today announced its partnership with Scribe Software, an established global provider of data integration solutions that allow customer data to be easily transferred throughout different enterprise systems throughout an organization. Read More

ElectroGen | August 8, 2014

Explora, Rent A Mobile While Traveling In The United States

Explora covered in the French outlet, ElectroGen. Read More

Bloomberg West | August 5, 2014

Is Apple Ready to Make a Splash in Social Media?

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut discusses Apple's hiring of Nike's former social media director. Watch

NativeMobile.com | August 1, 2014

Give me a Break (Not an Ad)! Mobile Gamers Gripe About Pitches During Pauses

According to new research from MediaSpike, many common come-ons are falling flat. For instance, if gamers gripe about anything, it's ads shown at breaks in gameplay. Those received disparaging scores in the MediaSpike survey. Read More

CRN | July 31, 2014

Partners Say New Azure Machine Learning Service Could Be Microsoft's Secret Weapon In The Cloud

Versium, a Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft partner, uses Azure ML with its proprietary LifeData predictive analytics service. Combining this with data from its customers' CRM, marketing and other internal systems lets Versium generate "scores" that predict consumer behavior, Versium CEO Chris Matty said in an interview. Read More

Adweek | July 31, 2014

Why Instagram Ads Could be Huge for Facebook's Mobile Empire

It's still unclear when Instagram ads will become available to marketers. Facebook doesn't appear to be in a hurry to make purchasing and placing Instagram promos an automated experience, instead maintaining that its so-called white glove service to a few dozen Fortune 500 brands will remain the status quo. Read More

We Are Mobians | July 31, 2014

Explora to remove roaming charges (in the U.S. ...)

Explora covered in the French outlet We Are Mobians. Read More

iMediaConnection | July 31, 2014

How to fight fraud and ensure video viewability

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut writes about fighting fraud and ensuring video viewability for iMediaConnection. Read More

BizReport | July 30, 2014

Survey: Gamers don't want interruptions

If you want to engage gamers, don't try it during game breaks. Not even those 'natural' stopping points. According to new research ads served during game breaks were the least likely to result in customer interactions. Read More

Inside Facebook | July 25, 2014

Infographic: Are brands shifting to owned media instead of Facebook?

Jun Group, a content distribution platform, released data this week that shows brand advertisers have shifted their digital goals away from Facebook and YouTube to promote their owned online destinations. Read More

Adweek | July 25, 2014

Marketers Pick Apart Google's Twitch Purchase

HyprMX CEO Corey Weiner quoted in story Google's acquisition of Twitch. Read More

Mobile Marketing Magazine | July 25, 2014

Mobile Gamers Rate Ads During Gameplay 'Breaks' As Least Effective

Research into advertisements shown to mobile gamers has found that ads shown during breaks in gameplay action are the least preferred format. Read More

VentureBeat | July 24, 2014

Just after its acquistion, Flurry loses exec to another mobile ad startup

Dan Laughlin wants to merge the heavy firepower of Madison Avenue, Fortune 500 advertisers with the world of mobile app developers. Read More

San Franisco Business Times | July 24, 2014

Tech boosts giving ambitions

Douglas Mejia took some computer science classes at San Francisco's Lowell High School, but he did not want to become a software engineer until after graduating this summer when he took free video game development classes offered by a new nonprofit called Mission Bit. Read More

HyprMX Press Release | July 24, 2014

HyprMX Expands to Bring Fortune 500 Brand Ads to Mobile

NEW YORK - July 24, 2014 - App install campaigns dominate the mobile marketplace, and developers are looking for alternatives. HyprMX has built an easy way for developers to run ads from Fortune 500 brands. Read More

App Developer Magazine | July 23, 2014

Should Mobile Game Developers Worry That Ad Breaks Can Break Gameplay?

Should developers worry about how much ad breaks during gameplay affect their mobile game usage? Maybe so, according to recent research by MediaSpike. According to the company's recent study, ads at breaks in gameplay are generally disliked, with gamers preferring ads integrating brands into actual gameplay. Read More

MediaSpike Press Release | July 23, 2014

Mobile gamers Give Lowest Scores to Ads Shown at "Breaks" in the Action of Gameplay

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - July 23, 2014 - Getting advertising right in mobile games is critical, not only for the gaming ecosystem, but for the mobile medium overall, since gaming is by far its number one activity. According to new research from MediaSpike, some of the most common approaches are not working, as mobile gamers give the lowest scores to ads shown at breaks in gameplay; even banner ads scored higher. Read More

Cinema Blend | July 22, 2014

Gamers Hate Ads That Interrupt Gameplay, According To New Market Report

In a completely unsurprising bit of news, it turns out that gamers actually hate when companies interrupt gameplay with forced advertisements. Read More

NativeMobile.com | July 23, 2014

Jun Group Says All Eyes Are on Native Video

Where's the action in the big, wide world of native advertising?According to Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut, it's in mobile, opt-in video. Read More

AllFacebook | July 22, 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Brands Steeing Video Clicks Away From Facebook, YouTube

Video-distribution and traffic-driving network Jun Group sees a trend by brands shifting their digital goals away from Facebook and YouTube and toward their owned online destinations. Read More

VideoInk | July 22, 2014

Brands 'Like' Owned Destinations Over Social Channels (Study)

Facebook and YouTube may be the twin beasts of social video marketing. But according to the findings of a new study released by native video ad platform Jun Group, brands are now more inclined to drive consumers to platforms that they fully control. Read More

Jun Group Press Release | July 22, 2014

Brands "Liking" Owned Digital Destinations Over Social Media

NEW YORK - July 22, 2014 - Jun Group data released today shows that brand advertisers have shifted their digital goals away from Facebook and YouTube to promote their owned online destinations. Read More

Forbes | July 18, 2014

The Marketing Destination Has Changed As Ad Clicks Pointing Outside Of Facebook Are On The Rise

The online marketing space is always in flux, and the last two years have seen a significant investment by brands to drive engagement inside many properties, including Facebook and YouTube. Read More

PCWorld | July 18, 2014

Cloud message resonating with Microsoft partners

Versium, a predictive data analytics company, is an example of a new partner attracted by Microsoft's cloud products. Versium partnered with Microsoft about six months ago, after learning about the new Office 365 Power BI and Azure ML (Machine Learning) services. Read More

Microsoft Machine Learning Blog | July 14, 2014

How Azure ML Partners are Innovating for their Customers

Versium helps a major retailer more accurately predict gift card fraud.Read More

VentureBeat MobileBeat Speaking Engagement | July 9, 2014

Fireside Chat: Yahoo Sports/Kahuna: How mobile-engagement marketing builds a better app experience

HyprMX's Vice President of Business Development Dan Laughlin leads a Fireside Chat with Yahoo Sports and Kahuna at VentureBeat's MobileBeat. Read More

GigaOM Research | July 9, 2014

Machine Learning, in Redmond and beyond

On Monday, I received a press release from analytics company Versium, which has launched a donor management-relevant predictive analytics system, built around Azure ML. Read More

insideBIGDATA | July 9, 2014

Versiums Predictive GivingScore Identifies High-Impact Donors

Versium, a data technology company that operates a LifeData predictive analytics scoring service, today announced the launch of its Predictive GivingScore solution. Read More

SemanticWeb.com | July 9, 2014

Versium Leverages Microsoft Azure Machine Learning For New Predictive GivingScore Solution To Improve Fundraising

Versium, which earlier this year launched its Predictive FraudScore solution today releases its Predictive GivingScore solution, designed to help charitable institutions and political organizations better predict who is likely to donate, be a repeat donator, or make the more significant contribution. Read More

The Official Microsoft Blog | July 9, 2014

Microsoft delivers updates, innovations and expansions to meet cloud demand

The Azure Machine Learning service we announced in June will be available for preview on Monday. This is groundbreaking technology that partners can use to build advanced analytic cloud services for their customers in minutes and hours, eliminating much of the heavy lifting associated with deploying machine learning in modern data-driven applications. Partners like MAX451, OSIsoft, Neal Analytics and Versium are already providing solutions with this service to their customers, including Pier 1 Imports, Carnegie Mellon University, Treehouse and Millionair Club Charity. Read More

Versium Press Release | July 9, 2014

Versium's Predictive GivingScore "Gives" Charities and Fundraising Groups an Edge by Identifying High-Impact Donors

REDMOND, WA - Jul 9, 2014 - Versium, a data technology company that operates a LifeData predictive analytics scoring service, today announced the launch of its Predictive GivingScore solution. Two Seattle-area organizations that are gaining considerable predictive insights from Versium's GivingScore are the Millionair Club Charity, an organization that addresses homelessness, and Treehouse, a nonprofit organization serving youth in foster care. Read More

Inside Mobile Apps | July 8, 2014

Are App Install Ads Holding the Mobile Market Back?

Contributed article to Inside Mobile Apps by HyprMX's VP of Business Development Dan Laughlin. Read More

Digiday | July 1, 2014

Publishing in the drive-by media era

Contributed article to Digiday by Jun Group's EVP of Publisher Strategy Michael Schwalb. Read More

IdeaMensch | June 18, 2014

Corey Weiner -- Founder of Jun Group

Corey Weiner helped found Jun Group while he was in high school. The NYC-based company gets millions of people to see branded content through two products: video and traffic. Read More

AgentCaffeine.com | June 12, 2014

York Baur: The Impact of Travel Time Data & Home Buying

Kelly Mitchell speaks with York Baur, CEO of Windermere Solutions and Kevin Foreman, GM of INRIX about the impact of commutes, travel time and how it affects home buying decisions. Watch

VideoInk | June 11, 2014

Jun Group and LiveRail to Monetize Social-Cause Video Site

SightSoundEmotion is a recently launched video site focused on streaming clips from social charities and causes. Launched by native advertising company Jun Group in April, the site offers videos from the Ad Council, a nonprofit devoted to public service announcements and messages from charities and social causes, which is providing content from its 50 causes. Read More

Jun Group Press Release | June 11, 2014

Jun Group Partners With LiveRail to Deliver New Cause-Based Ad Platform

NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO - Jun 11, 2014 - For the first time, social charities and causes have a self-sustaining, dedicated home on the web for their video content. Jun Group has brought on LiveRail as its first monetization partner to launch SightSoundEmotion (SSE), a one-of-a-kind platform uniting cause-based content from the Ad Council and brand-safe advertising. Read More

MediaPost | June 10, 2014

Jun Group Utilizes LiveRail To Enhance Social Charity Sites

Online video start-up Jun Group has brought in LiveRail to help monetize SightSoundEmotion (SSE) -- a recently launched platform that combines cause-based content from the Ad Council along with brand-safe advertising. Read More

MediaPost | June 10, 2014

Apple Cracks Down On Apps That Reward Sharing, Video-Watching

In my opinion, ad networks will be stepping up their efforts to win brand budgets,” said Dan Laughlin, vice president of business development at HyprMX, whose system powers incentivized video and other ads in apps and on the Web. He suggested that because HyprMX didn't focus on promoting app installs, it would be less likely to be affected by Apple's stepped-up enforcement efforts. Read More

IdeaMensch | June 6, 2014

Raj Patel -- Founder of Explora

Raj Patel founded Explora, a smartphone rental service for travellers visiting the United States. He is a lifelong travel enthusiast, former lawyer, investment banker and die hard rugby fan. Read More

The Makegood | May 29, 2014

SightSoundEmotion: A New Home for Cause-Based Video Content

The Makegood recently spoke with both Corey Weiner of Jun Group and Ellyn Fisher at Ad Council about the launch of SightSoundEmotion. Read More

Jun Group Speaking Engagement & Press Release | May 16, 2014

Jun Group's Newly Appointed Director of Marketing Daniel Feldstein Speaks at Interactive Day San Diego

SAN DIEGO - May 16, 2014 - Jun Group's newly appointed Director of Marketing Daniel Feldstein is moderating a panel on native advertising at Interactive Day San Diego (IDSD), presented by the San Diego Ad Club. Read More

Jim Byers Travel | May 9, 2014

Walking The Brooklyn Bridge, Plus Explora As A Great Alternative To Rogers Roaming In The U.S.

However, I've discovered a new company that will at least put a very solid cap on my expenses. It's called Explora. And it's a great deal, I think. Read More

Xconomy | May 9, 2014

Seattle Roundup:... Minetta Brook... & More

Minetta Brook CEO DB Bharadwaj says there has been "a flood of interest" in the company's first product, an app made available this week on the Bloomberg Professional service. Read More

Versium Press ReleaseMay 6, 2014

Versium Is A Finalist for the 2014 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award

REDMOND, WA - May 6, 2014 - Versium, a data technology company that operates a LifeData predictive analytics scoring service, announced today it has been selected as a finalist for Red Herring's Top 100 North America award, a prestigious list honoring the year's most promising private technology ventures from the North American business region. Read More

Minetta Brook Press Release | May 5, 2014

Minetta Brook Launches KNEWSAPP Realtime News Scoring and Discovery Application via the Bloomberg App Portal

SEATTLE - May 5, 2014 - Minetta Brook today announced the availability of its real-time news scoring and discovery application, KNEWSAPP, via the Bloomberg Professional service. KNEWSAPP helps financial professionals surface opportunities and risks in hidden, indirectly connected or developing news that they did not know to look for. Read More

Huffington Post Travel | May 1, 2014

Explora, Phone Rental Service, Makes The Lives Of U.S.-Bound Travlers That Much Easier

When it comes to traveling, one of the biggest stressors most certainly can be your phone. It's a love-hate relationship we share with this little device of wonders and though it would be lovely to turn it off for the duration of your trip, that is just not always a realistic approach.Read More

Travel Agent Central | May 1, 2014

Explora Launches Smartphone Rental Service

Explora reports the availability of its smartphone rental service for international travelers visiting the United States. Read More

National Retail Federation STORES Magazine | April 30, 2014

Fine-Tuning The Crystal Ball

What if you could replace hindsight with foresight and knew with relative certainty who is out to defraud you before they did any harm? This is the world of predictive analytics, which employs complex algorithms and behavioral modeling to devise forward-looking data analysis. Read More

BizReport | April 30, 2014

Sitecore, Jun Group releases widen reach

Meanwhile, from Jun Group, a new online and mobile cause-marketing hub called SighSoundEmotion. The platform offers free video exposure for The Ad Council's 50 causes, allowing these charities and causes to widen their reach. Read More

The Makegood | April 29, 2014

Jun Group Reaches Half a Billion Page Views in Six Months

The Makegood recently spoke with Mitchell about achieving half a billion page views at Jun Group. Read More

Travel with Val | April 29, 2014

Hello? $8/Day Phone Service for Visitors to U.S.

Are you traveling to the U.S. or have a family and friend coming stateside for a visit? Read More

Jun Group Press Release | April 28, 2014

Jun Group Creates SightSoundEmotion to Generate Awareness for Social Causes

NEW YORK - Apr 28, 2014 - Jun Group today announced SightSoundEmotion (SSE), a Web and mobile site designed to raise awareness for important causes such as Autism Awareness, Bullying Prevention, Emergency Preparedness, and Recycling. Read More

Canada.com | April 24, 2014

Explora lets Canadians rent a smartphone when traveling to the U.S.

Canadians traveling to the United States now have another cost-effective voice, talk, text and data smartphone option: Explora. Read More

SlashGear | April 23, 2014

Explora launches Nexus 5 retnals for travelers

Smartphones are a daily tool for many people, and nothing makes that reality quite as stark as crossing a border into international lands without a plan that supports such travel. For those visiting the US, Google's Nexus 5 is now being offered as a daily rental handset complete with unlimited service. Read More

Mobile Syrup | April 23, 2014

Canadians traveling to the U.S. can now rent smartphones with unlimited data and calling

Canadians traveling to the U.S. have a limited set of less than favorable options when it comes to using their smartphone. They can A) try to live off of Wi-Fi for the duration of their trip B) sign up for a travelling plan from their local carrier with marked up data prices C) try to snag a local U.S. SIM card D) suck it up and pay exorbitant roaming fees. Explora is now presenting a new option to jet setting Canadians: a rented smartphone with the requisite bells and whistles. Read More

TravelPulse | April 23, 2014

Explora Smartphone Rental Service Debuts

In October 2012, Raj Patel, founder and CEO of Explora, decided to go on a trip with some of his friends from Sydney to Singapore and Japan. Read More

The Next Web | April 23, 2014

Explora lets international travelers rent a Nexus 5 with 4G for $8 a day in the US

International travelers coming to the US now have a convenient option for renting a smartphone with a data plan. Explora today launched its rental service offering customers a Nexus 5 with unlimited voice, text messages and 4G data for $8 a day. Read More

Explora Press Release | April 23, 2014

Travelling to the United States? Explora's Smartphone Rental Service Answers the Call

NEW YORK -- April 23, 2014 -- Explora today announced the availability of its smartphone rental service for international travellers visiting the United States (U.S.). For a flat-rate of $8 per day, Explora's communication and travel guide solution eliminates the complexities and high costs associated with international roaming. Read More

Jun Group Press Release | April 18, 2014

Jun Group Strengthens Technology Team with Three Senior Mobile Hires

NEW YORK – April 18, 2014 – Jun Group today announded the hire of three senior technology team members: Jeremy Ellison, Wayne Small, and Viktor Viktorov. Read More

VideoInk | April 9, 2014

Native Ad Company Jun Group Hires Tremor Video's Michael Schwalb

Native advertising company Jun Group has named Michael Schwalb its new senior vice president of publisher strategy. He will be responsible for Jun Group's partnerships with digital publishers. Read More

Jun Group Press Release | April 9, 2014

Jun Group's Traffic Platform Delivers More Than Half A Billion Page Views in its First Six Months

NEW YORK – April 9, 2014 – Jun Group today announced that its traffic-driving platform delivered half a billion page views in just six months. Read More

MediaPost | April 7, 2014

What's your TV-video commercial cue?

Given growing media distractions, what gets TV-video consumers' initial attention for a piece of marketing content? Read More

MediaPost Video Insider Summit Speaking Engagement | April 7, 2014

How to Use Paid Media to Amplify Your Social Video Success

Jun Group CEO Mitchell Reichgut speaks at MediaPost's Video Insider Summit. Watch

Yahoo! Finance | April 2, 2014

The secret way companies are using big data to score you

Versium is one of many 'big data' firms that sell consumer scores to businesses hoping to target certain audiences. Here's a screenshot of an ad they use to market their services. Read More

Fast Company | April 1, 2014

More Art Than Skill: the Give and Take of Negotiating

Jun Group's Corey Weiner writes about six strategies to make your negotiations go smoothly. Read More

CIO | March 31, 2014

Why CIOs Should Look Outside for Data Expertise

We're all familiar with the traditional outsourcing model of using external service providers to handle IT infrastructure and maintenance in hopes of cutting costs and freeing in-house IT staff to focus on higher-value activities unique to the business. Read More

Bloomberg TV | March 26, 2014

Jun Group: Delivering Online Ad Content to Millions

Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of Jun Group, explains how the company drives traffic to websites, social media and mobile. He speaks with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's Taking Stock. Watch

ad:tech San Francisco Speaking Engagement | March 26, 2014

Mobile Advertising's Brand Opportunity: Answering the "When" and "Why"

appssavvy's Co-founder and CEO Chris Cunningham speaks at ad:tech San Francisco providing insight into the when and why of mobile marketing to achieve mobile advertising success. Read More

iMediaConnection | March 25, 2014

How predictive scores are changing big data

When it comes to big data, marketing departments are frequently at a loss of how to make the most of it. With all the information about data science, predictive analytics, and using big data to make better marketing decisions, it can be overwhelming. Read More

Jun Group Press Release | March 20, 2014

Jun Group Revs Up Automotive Sales; Names Julie Prior National Sales Director for Auto Brands

NEW YORK - March 20, 2014 - Jun Group (www.jungroup.com) today announced the appointment of Julie Prior as National Sales Director, Automotive Based in Detroit, Julie will focus exclusively on automotive brands across the U.S. and internationally. Read More

Sacramento Business Journal | March 12, 2014

Lyon Real Estate adds commute times to listings

Lyon Real Estate agents are rolling out a new feature to answer the question many potential home buyers are asking: What's the commute like? Seattle-based Windermere Solutions will be adding realistic assessments of driving times from one address to another to its TouchCMA real estate presentation software, and Lyon will be among the first firms in the country to use it. Read More

Inman News | March 12, 2014

TouchCMA now shows commute times powered by INRIX Drive Time

TouchCMA, an interactive presentation tool for real estate agents that helps them showcase their knowledge of local markets to buyers and sellers, now shows commute times between a listing and a client's workplace, daycare provider, and other frequently visited locations, powered by INRIX Drive Time. Read More

TouchCMA Press Release | March 12, 2014

TouchCMA - Industry First Real Estate Presentation Software With Actual Commute Times From INRIX Drive Time

SEATTLE - Mar 12, 2014 - Today, TouchCMA (www.touchcma.com) and INRIX (www.inrix.com) announced the release of TouchCMA with INRIX Drive Time -- making TouchCMA the first real estate agent tool to offer expected drive time capabilities. Read More

FierceFinanceIT | March 11, 2014

Painting a complete picture of a perpetrator

Just as the promise of good customer relationship management is the ability to paint a complete picture of the customer, a similar approach is developing in the area of fraud. It turns out, marrying big data and fraud prevention may involve applying some of the techniques associated with savvy target marketing toward identifying false identifies and other types of scams. Read More

Seattle24x7.com | March 11, 2014

Versium Datalytics Scores Again with FraudScore

Seattle's Versium is emerging as the Internet's ultimate trailfinder and scorekeeper when it comes to aggregating public data and analyzing through over 40 tell-tale signals. Read More

National Business Report produced by CNBC | March 7, 2014

Bright Ideas: Programming the Future

Believe Entertainment Group featured in National Business Report's monthly "Bright Ideas" segment. Watch

GeekWire | March 4, 2014

Tech Moves: Vijay Vashee joins Versium board

Vijay Vashee has joined the board of Verisium, a Redmond-based predictive analytics company. Read More

Versium Press Release | March 4, 2014

Veteran Executive Vijay Vashee Joins Versium's Board of Directors

REDMOND, WA - Mar 4, 2014 - Versium (www.versium.com), a data technology company that operates a LifeData predictive analytics scoring solution, today announced that Vijay Vashee has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Read More

insideBIGDATA | February 27, 2014

Versium: Predictive Analysis for Actionable Consumer Intelligence

The science of predictive analysis is a burgeoning one as companies take on more and more data daily. Versium takes billions of data points from businesses and consumers and makes sense of them to monitor purchase interest, social behavior and financial information-to name a few. We caught up with Chris Matty, CEO of Versium, to get the details. Read More

SearchCIO's The Data Mill Column | February 24, 2014

Data company Versium says it can bust fraudsters one email address at a time

Digital thieves can be difficult to spot before they strike. That's partly because traditional security methods haven't kept pace with technology, giving fraudsters a chance to exploit holes in the wall of fraud detection systems, said Chris Matty, CEO of Seattle-based Versium Inc., a predictive analytics startup. Read More

ToolsJournal | February 21, 2014

Versium Unveils FraudScore To Predict Freaud Using E-Mail IDs

Versium, the provider of LifeData predictive analysis, has now unveiled a FraudScore service that will predict fraudulent behavior before it occurs. Companies can use this service to stop fraudulent activity by becoming aware of the risk profile of individual customers and acting on it. Read More

Seattle24x7.com | February 19, 2014

CreditReport.com Meet Versium's Fraud Score. Two Ways to Catch a Fraudster!

What if companies could predict and prevent fraudsters with just a simple email address? And see capture rates as high as 80 percent with false positive rates as low as four percent? Read More

PizzaMarketPlace.com | February 19, 2014

January proves to be a big month for online-to-offline pizza sales

According to new data from Denver-based Plink, an online-to-offline rewards provider, January proved to be a big month for pizza, driven in large part by the Super Bowl. Read More

SemanticWeb.com | February 19, 2014

Machine Learning Part Of New Versium Solution To Quickly Find Fraudsters

Machine learning is playing a role in fraud prevention: This week Versium launched its Predictive FraudScore solution to help companies weed out fraudsters from signing up for their services or conducting ecommerce transactions with them. All the organization needs is an email address. Read More

MediaPost | February 18, 2014

There's An Algorithm For That

That's the approach Versium, a Washington-based data technology and "predictive analytics" company, is taking. The company on Tuesday announced the launch of its Predictive Fraud Score solution, which is meant to help companies find fraudsters looking to steal consumer identities. Read More

Versium Press Release | February 18, 2014

Versium Launches LifeData Predictive FraudScore Enabling Organizations to Stop Fraudsters at the Front Door

REDMOND, WA - Feb 18, 2014 - Versium (www.versium.com), a data technology company that operates a LifeData predictive analytics scoring service, today announced the launch of its Predictive FraudScore solution. Read More

GolfWRX | February 7, 2014

Review: FlagHi App

Knowing how far you hit each club is integral to scoring. Most serious golfers are aware that changes in elevation increase or decrease carry distances by approximately 10 percent for every 5000 feet of elevation. That said, it's doubtful avid golfers (competitive amateurs and pros included) have a working knowledge of the role temperature and humidity play in determining the flight of a golf ball. This app attempts to bring clarity to this relationship. Read More

iMediaConnection | February 5, 2014

What Else Could $4 Million Buy?

$4 million is a big chunk of moola for brands to invest in a 30-second Super Bowl ad, but admittedly, there is hype around the Super Bowl like nothings else. Read More

BigData-Startups | January 29, 2014

Predictive Analytics Predictions For 2014

For years companies have been unable to leverage the full power of Big Data for predictive analytics. Thanks to the popularity of social media, there has been huge growth in the amount of information that's generated about a consumer in regards to their daily habits, activities and interests. Read More

iMediaConnection | January 27, 2014

Connecting online-to-offline – why we'll find the missing link in 2014

This link between online-to-offline has been a holy grail for years and 2014 is the year when we'll finally begin to crack the code. Read More

Golf Digest | January 24, 2014

This new app tells you how far your clubs will actually travel

Playing a course in different conditions always presents a challenge to golfers in terms of club selection. Certainly having a local caddie helps, but is there a scientific way to approach club selection away from your home course? The FlagHi app aims to solve this question. Read More

Mobile Payments and Value Added Services Summit Speaking Engagement | January 22, 2014

The Retail Panel

Plink Co-founder and CEO Peter Vogel, speaks at the MForMobile Mobile Payments and Value Added Services Summit. Read More

iMediaConnection | January 13, 2014

The top 5 social trends for 2014

2013 was a big year for social media. The growth and popularity of mobile platforms, the inclusion of hashtags on Facebook, and Twitter's introduction of ads and a special website for businesses are just a few of 2013's biggest social changes. Read More

Loyalty360 | January 3, 2014

Happy Card-Linked Offer Year!

If you have a credit card or even just a bank account, chances are you've been exposed to a card-linked offer over the last year. Subscription Required